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Our Services

Migration Services and Consultation

We provide services and consultation for all migration issues

  •  Application for asylum
  •  Requests for a family reunion
  • Residency
  • Citizenship
  •  Work permits

Commercial & Corporate

Rights & Justice provide the following services:

  • Establishment and registration of commercial, industrial and professional companies in every legal status
  • Determine, prepare and revise legal contracts and documents
  • Registration, reservation and preservation of intellectual Property (ip) including trade, names, trademarks and copyright.
  •  Change of legal status and all amendments to the commercial registry of companies and establishments, dissolution, liquidation and providing all the relevant consultations thereof .
  •  Sales and purchase agreements
  •  Disputes & Debts 
  • Contracts: General & Private

Draft, study and revision of all types of contracts, studies and reports on the applicable regulations, including providing legal consultations and advices from negotiations stage until execution change legalization with concerned authorities.


Family Law and Individual Matters

Rights & Justice provide the following services:

  • Wills, marriages, divorce, alimony and custody cases    (also divorce in plural)
  • All issues related to legal disputes.
  • Providing legal assistance at all national and local government departments.

Litigation & Legal Representation Services

  • Rights & Justice provide consultation and representation services in all lawsuits.

Criminal Law

  • Our firm provides legal services in the area of criminal law and we will assist you in all matters related to criminal law.
  • We aim to advocate for your justice and provide you with a fair trial and the best possible outcome.
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Compliance Rules

  • On the basis of the applicable regulations, e.g. national money laundering laws, EU money laundering directives, FATF (Financial Action Task Force) guidelines, we offer our clients to analyze their customers and transactions in order to detect abnormal behavior patterns and activities that could be related to money laundering.

The FATF Recommendations :

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For any information or question please call us or send an email.

+46 722 922 922

+46 730 393 961 


For any information or question please call us or send an email.

+46 722 922 922

+46 730 393 961